Wildcat Oil Tools was established in 2012 to provide quality equipment and top of the line customer service. Wildcat started with a single facility in the Permian Basin and with a single product line. Wildcat has since grown substantially - even when their competition was cutting back in the face of low commodity prices. In addition to its' many operations nationally, Wildcat also operates internationally.

Wildcat Oil Tools has maintained an unwavering commitment to providing world-class customer service and top of the line equipment.

Wildcat’s research and development team illustrate its commitment to providing top of the line products. This team’s accomplishments include the Hydrovortex®, a fluid-powered well-debris removal tool that can be used in vertical and horizontal wells; and the Xpress Drill™, a whipstock with a five-slip anchor system and a nine-blade mill head that allows more one-run shots than any other whipstock in service.

Wildcat International was created in 2017 to expand Wildcat’s operations internationally. Wildcat International conducted its first project in the Republic of Colombia. Today, Wildcat International is active in Colombia, Argentina, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.