Cleanout Applications:

  • Vertical, deviated and horizontal wells, open or cased hole
  • High pressure/high temp
  • Wells with partial or total loss of circulation issues
  • Wells with fluids exhibiting poor debris transport properties
  • Venturi-powered vacuum rapidly collects wellbore debris for removal prior to completions
  • After well has been producing and production drops off, completion string can be removed and then the well cleaned out


  • Reverse circulation facilitates debris collection and removal
  • High velocity, multiple Venturi nozzle system accelerates removal stream
  • Tool sucks in and retains all collected debris
  • High volume, multi-joint (e.g. 20-joints) collection chamber
  • Cuttings are captured and screened-never reaching surface
  • Minimal required pump capacity facilitates debris removal in poor fluid lifting conditions or when pump capacity is insufficient to generate annular velocities required by traditional hole cleaning systems
  • The HydroVortex eliminates the need for expensive milling fluids


6 high-velocity, engineered Venturi nozzles operate to product flows that entrain and transport maximum quantities of debris.

Optimized pressure change enables maximum vacuum suction power.